Chef Specialties

w. White Rice
S1. Seafood Delight
Real crab meat, jumbo shrimp, scallop w. veg in the white saue.
S2. Dragon & Phoenix
General tso's chicken & shrimp w. veg in white saue.
S3. Happy Family
Beef, chicken, shrimp, roast pork, scallop mixed veg in chef brown sauce.
spicy S4. Orange Beef 10.25
spicy S5. Orange Shrimp 10.75
S6. Triple Delight
Chicken, beef, shrimp, mixed vegetable w. brown sauce
spicy S7. Sesame Chicken (White Meat) 10.45
spicy S8. Orange Chicken (White Meat) 10.45
spicy S9. General Tso's Chicken 9.95
S10. Crispy Beef 10.95
S11. Lemon Chicken
Deep fried chicken on the of lettuce, lemon sauce on the side
S12. Lake Tung Ting Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp w. veg in egg white sauce
spicy S13. Kung Pao Delight
Diced chicken & baby shrimp w. waterchestnut, peanut in chef's speical spicy peking sauce.